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Connecting Rural Communities using WiFi

Helen Clark connects with CRCnet Schools - Wed 23 Feb 2005

Helen Clark connected with students at her old primary school, Te Pahu, via a CRCnet connection between Ohaupo School and Te Pahu School on Friday 18th Feb 2005. Full details are available in the following article: Prime Minister Connects With Rural Schools

QuestNet 2004 Presentation - Mon 12 Jul 2004

Jamie Curtis gave an overview of the achievements and future plans for the CRCnet project at the QuestNet 2004 conference. This presentation is available here.

CRCnet Update Presentation - Mon 24 May 2004

The presentation given by Murray at the Universities of Capetown and Western Cape is available in Powerpoint (31MB) or PDF (8MB) format. This presentation includes details on CRCnet progress over the last year including the Huiarau project in the Urewera National Park.

Fieldays 2003 - Tue 10 Jun 2003

CRCnet is a key part of the University of Waikato site at the NZ National Fieldays 2003. Through a series of high speed wireless links CRCnet is able to deliver live streaming video of the spider monkeys at Hamilton Zoo to Mystery Creek. We will also be demonstrating technology such as videoconferencing with rural schools and we have other live video streams such as the Dexel Robotic Cowshed. Visit the CRCnet stand today at PB31 and PB33.

Live Video Stream from Hamilton Zoo - Fri 09 May 2003

Following the recent installation of a video camera and wireless link to Hamilton Zoo, CRCnet has been generating a live video stream of the Capuchin Monkeys from the zoo. This stream was used at the university open day on May 2nd and is on display in the R Block Ground Floor Foyer. Installation of a Pan Tilt Zoom camera at the zoo is planned to allow remote control of the picture. This will occur before the stream is used as a demonstration of the networks capabilities at The Fieldays.

Koromatua School Online - Fri 31 Jan 2003

Koromatua School became the 5th school to join CRCnet this week. There are some photos of the completed installation available here

New PIR & MFR Site Photos - Thu 23 Jan 2003

Photos from the recently completed MFR Repeater Station and a site inspection completed at the PIR Repeater Station are now available here [MFR] and here [PIR]

MFR Site Online - Wed 18 Dec 2002

The MFR Repeater Station in Ngahinapouri came online yesterday as CRCnet expands northwards towards Koromatua School. We hope to have Koromatua School online before Christmas or in early January. Some photos of the installation can be found here and here.

PBSNZ story on CRCnet - Fri 22 Nov 2002

Private Broadcasting Systems New Zealand Limited have filmed a story on CRCnet and a presentation about the project. These can be found here.

NZ Herald on CRCnet - Thu 19 Sep 2002

The NZ Herald is currently carrying an article on CRCnet and how it is being used in rural schools such as Ngahinapouri and Te Pahu. View the Original Article or the Archived Copy.

TTK Site Online - Thu 19 Sep 2002

CRCnet today connected another site on to the network bringing the total number of links in the network to 8.

2 New Sites Online - Wed 18 Sep 2002

On the 14 Sep 2002, the team completed the installation of two new nodes in the CRCnet network. This brings the total number of links in the network to 7 with 3 rural schools linked together. Pictures from the installation can be seen here.

80211-Planet on CRCnet - Tue 20 Aug 2002

80211-Planet.com is currently carrying an article on CRCnet. Click here to read the article.

MCG Repeater Station Online - Tue 06 Aug 2002

The MCG Repeater Station was brought live today. This brings the number of nodes on the network to 6, with more additions planned in the very near future. Photos of the site installation are available here.

More Photos - Mon 05 Aug 2002

There are some new photos from the past couple of months now available. Go to the Photos page to view them.

NZNog 2002 Conference Talk - Fri 12 Jul 2002

The presentation given at the NZNog 2002 Conference is available in Power Point or pdf format.