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Darpwatch (Distributed Arpwatch)

Darpwatch is a solution for monitoring ethernet activity across many different ethernet networks. Darpwatch is based on the original arpwatch source from UCB.

Darpwatch consists of two components:
  • A monitoring daemon that listens for ethernet activity and generates reports.
  • Reporting and Analysis server that collects reports from monitoring daemons and generates alerts.

  • Modular alert handling - write your own alert handler
  • Scalable
  • Based on original arpwatch code

Planned Features
  • Modular database backend (currently uses Postgres)
  • More as they are suggested
  • Distribution Packages (debs, rpms)
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Current State
Darpwatch is fully functional and an initial release has been made. Darpwatch is used daily on CRCnet. Future releases will be made as time and new features requires.

Minimal documentation for Darpwatch is included in the package, more documentation will hopefully be available in a future release.

Please download darpwatch via Sourceforge.
Darpwatch Sourceforge Project Page

If you are having problems downloading from Sourceforge you may use the local copies below.

Download Darpwatch from mirror.crc.net.nz

Bug Reports
If you find bugs in Darpwatch please report them with the Bug Tracker on the sourceforge page. Darpwatch Bug Tracker

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