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SRG (Squid Report Generator)

SRG is a Squid Report Generator designed for the needs of CRCnet. None of the existing report generators could provide the exact solution that we required and we decided to start from scratch rather than trying to modify an existing progamme. SRG is designed to be fast and easy to integrate in to other authentication systems (such as those that are driving Squid itself).

  • PHP Output with built in authentication hooks
  • Fast Processing
  • Reporting right down the the location vistied

Example SRG Report

Planned Features
  • Incremental Processing of logfiles (a la Webalizer)
  • Support for compressed (.gz) logfiles
  • Templated output
  • Database backend with web based frontend for realtime reporting
  • More as they are suggested

Current State
SRG is fully functional and is in daily use across multiple sites. Planning for future releases is underway, please join the mailing list if you would like to join in discussion.

Support and Announcments
Support for SRG releases and help with compiling and using srg is available via the srg-users mailing list. To subscribe visit the mailman subscription page for srg-users.

If you would like to be notified of the latest release of SRG. The low traffic announce mailing list is available. Posts will only be made to this list when a new version of SRG has been released or there is a significant peice of news to distribute. Vist the mailman subscription page for srg-announce to subscribe.

SRG is available for download via the project page on Sourceforge.
SRG Sourceforge Project Page

If you are having problems downloading from Sourceforge you may use the local copies below.
Download SRG from mirror.crc.net.nz

User contributed patches can be found at:

Bug Reports
If you find bugs in SRG please report them with the Bug Tracker on the sourceforge page. SRG Bug Tracker

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